About kmm

Kmm which stands for “kann man machen”, embodies the idea that anything can be done, which is exactly how we like to work with our clients. A creative and strategic solution to all things communications and digital related, we aim to help businesses by giving them the story they deserve and building a connection with their people. 

Our Story

We met through an all girls skateboarding chat by chance, and have since then become good friends. 

When the idea of kmm began to grow, we thought that becoming partners in this journey was  the right move. 

Our experiences and strengths combined, make a strong foundation for kmm to flourish.

My name is Franziska. In the last 7 years I have worked in marketing & communications in Shanghai and Berlin. Having had such a vast variety of different brands and clients to work with, I can confidently say that I enjoy my work, creating amazing things to help others grow. 

My name is Julia and I have been working in digital marketing for 5 years covering a diverse portfolio of brands in Los Angeles and Berlin. 

MAYBE: I am a big believer in brands that can make a difference and bring people together.